Airport Style: Secret and Miss A Look Casual at Gimpo

2011-05-13 09:00:04 2014-05-06 00:51:56

Anyone who happened to be at Gimpo International Airport today might have had enough K-Pop star sightings to last a lifetime! That’s because the 2011 Tokyo Legend Concert is being held this weekend at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan. Cohosted by MBC, Fuji TV, and Avex Entertainment, the concert will commemmorate the 50th anniverary of MBC, and all proceeds from the concert will go to the Good Friends Save the Children charity for earthquake relief.

So far, BEAST, SHINee, SG Wannabe, Secret, and miss A have stopped through Gimpo, providing the smaller of the two local airports with some glamor.  Since there are a lot of pictures to get through, we’re dividing them into two batches: boys and girls.  We’ve taken care of the boys and now it’s time to look at the girls!  Now, if you’re easily offended, you’ll probably want to skip the text and move right on to the pictures, because what we have to say isn’t good.  At first we figured that these girls were just dressing comfortably, but then we took a look at all those painful-looking shoes, and now we’re confused.  What’s with the unattractive baggy shirts, the clashing handbags, and the shorts that are so short the pockets are hanging out?  But we think miss A’s Jia looked really good, and her groupmate Fei didn’t look half bad.  And say what we will about the clothing, there’s still no doubt that the girls themselves are gorgeous!


miss A:

What do you think?  Were we being way too harsh, or were the girls just off their game today?