BoA Achieves Superstardom on Twitter

2011-05-18 20:15:23 2011-05-18 13:15:23

What is the one thing every member of the Twittersphere wants to achieve? An enormous number of followers! BoA is on her way with an amazing total of 300,000 +!

Here’s her recent tweet:

“Just realized my follower # is over 300,000!! Thanks people!! I love you~~;)”

Who prompt her to discover this? Fellow Tweeter and HiRAO INC’s PR Director, Emma Ishizaki.[ Her message: “your followers# is now over 300,000(◎o◎)‼ I love your new pic<3′] There is nothing like having a professional keep your Twittersphere in check…or shall I say keep count.

Credits: @BoA_1105 and SM Entertainment