Sistar19 Does Not Mean “Restricted to 19 and Above”

2011-05-23 02:52:40 2011-05-22 19:52:40

Sistar’s unit group Sistar19 explained the meaning of their name. On MBC’s “Quiz to Change the WorldPark Mi Sun introduced Sistar19 saying, “Because there was 19 I thought it means, anyone under 19 prohibited.” (In Korea instead of PG-13, PG, or Rated R, Koreans use age: 15. 19 etc. Above 19 Only is commonly used for very explicit content) Sistar19 said, “Many people think this way but it is a misunderstanding.

Sistar19’s Bora said, “We use the name 19 in order to express the emotions of a girl who is in between the line of being a girl and becoming a woman.

Then on the show Sistar19 showed off their chair dance. Although embarrassing to admit, I also thought that was what Sistar19 meant Oops! >_<