Park Min Young, “People Don’t Like the Casting? Judge after the Drama is Over”

2011-05-31 12:31:53 2014-05-06 00:40:35

Park Min Young showed a strong stance for fans of the original “City Hunter” manga/anime that have complaints about the cast for SBS’ “City Hunter.” On May 31st a press conference was held that revealed the shooting set for “City Hunter.” Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, and Goo Hara were at the event.

Through “City Hunter” it is Park Min Young’s second time being a part of a project that is an interpretation of an original source, the other one being, “Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal.

Park Min Young said, “I know that people are saying that action scenes don’t really fit my image and there is a lot of anticipation because of the fans of the original City Hunter,” “But, I find that it is difficult to have casting that everyone can agree with. People will always be a bit disappointed. I joined this cast knowing this.

She continued by saying, “The original has its charm, but there is also great fun in breaking prejudice as an actress,” “That is why the original does not give me too much burden.” “Before I started this drama I did not read the original series. I would like to be judged after the drama is finished.

Lee Min Ho had similar things to say, “In the case of City Hunter there are a lot of male fans. The fans of the original are probably used to the charisma of an older man. However I am only 25. I had already heard that this role might not fit me, but I decided to ignore those sayings. As I have made the choice to do City Hunter, I believe that through my acting there will be a character with a new charm.