G-Dragon Films Infinity Challenge, and Joins MT Amidst Daesung Controversy

2011-06-02 22:39:01 2014-05-07 22:21:15

Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon showed up for the filming of “Infinity Challenge.” Despite the current controversy regarding Daesung and his accident, this shows that Big Bang is still resolute. On June 2nd G-Dragon showed himself for the filming that took place at MBC’s Dream Center. This show was for “Infinity Challenge – West Coast Highroad Pop Show.”

G-Dragon appeared on the show with his partner Park Myung Soo. For this day G-Dragon wore a summer outfit that consisted of a white t-shirt and jeans, he was wearing a hat with sunglasses.

The “Infinity Challenge” team on this day (June 2nd) left for an MT (Member Training), a type of “get together” for Kang Hwa Island. G-Dragon was reported to have left for the MT as well. Psy who was available for the show, did not join the MT.