Celeb Style File: Han Hyo Joo

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Celeb Style File is our weekly in-depth look at a celebrity’s real-life style.  This week, we’ve chosen to feature the gorgeous and talented Han Hyo Joo, whose dramas have been sold to more than 80 countries.  Here we look at her public appearances during the past year.

We don’t know about you, but we personally think that Han Hyo Joo is one of the most beautiful actresses to debut in the past few years.  With her soft features and perfect complexion, she occasionally resembles renowned beauty Song Hye Gyo, but her willowy figure and charming wide smile lend her a unique appeal that’s all her own.  Along with these undeniable physical assets, it’s easy to see why she is so adored internationally: Han Hyo Joo combines genuine acting talent (she won the prestigious Best Actress award at the Baeksang Art Awards this year) with an infallible, clean-cut image.  The Korean government in particular seems to recognize her appeal, in the past year alone selecting her as goodwill ambassador of the G20 Seoul Summit, honorary ambassador of the Population and Housing Census, and ambassador of the Seoul National Tax Office.  Whew!  And Han Hyo Joo always rises to the challenge, for such occasions eschewing her typical fashion-forward style for the most conservative suits and dresses.

Otherwise, in terms of style, Han Hyo Joo is definitely a modern girl.  Where every other starlet pulls out all the same old stops for a red carpet appearance (cleavage-baring evening gowns and sexy stilettos), Han Hyo Joo is more likely to show up in an outfit that’s totally unexpected, while still being appropriately formal.  Check out the full-length gown with short sleeves and a rhinestone collar that she wore to the 2010 MBC Drama Awards, or the white tiered ruffled column dress that she wore to the 2011 Baeksang Awards.  The latter outfit was roundly criticized by even her most ardent fans, who could not understand why someone with a model physique would choose to wear a bulky dress that looked as if it was made out of toilet paper.  Still, regardless of whether you actually liked the outfits, there’s no doubt that when she’s on the red carpet, you’ll think to yourself, “Well, here’s a girl who’s a little different than the rest!”  For more casual occasions, Han Hyo Joo displays an artsy aspect of her personality by ingeniously accessorizing with scarves, vests, slouchy bags, and boots. 

(Okay, this last picture is from 2009.  Still, we liked it so much we just had to include it.  Thanks jyoisu for the tip!)

Favorite outfit: Han Hyo Joo is a pretty competent dresser overall, so it’s a tough call.  But we do like the blue blazer with the yellow skirt — it’s a slightly unusual combination that works pretty well.  We also like a lot of her casual outfits.  Even though they look effortless, a closer look will reveal that these are actually pretty difficult outfits to pull off!

Least favorite outfit: As with a lot of observers, we happen to think that the white ruffled gown at the Baeksang Awards was a misstep.  We think it did kind of have some potential, though… or are we being too kind?

As always, if you have suggestions for celebrities to feature, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate!  See you next weekend!

Author’s note: This article is dedicated to edward1849! 😀