DBSK’s Killer Schedule for 2008-09 is Revealed!

2011-06-08 19:44:59 2014-05-06 00:39:32

DBSK were known for their popularity and massive fan base, and it sure did come at a cost! The schedule for 2008-09 were released and shocked many fans as it was uploaded onto a Korean portal site.

The schedule uploaded was their timetable for a one year period starting from July of ’08 towards July of ’09. The schedule included magazine acitivies, TV recordings (such as performance, shows, drama etc), movie activities, DVD activities, photoshoots and CF filming. 

From the schedule, a large chunk was fulfilled within 24 hours, completely tiring out the members. 

Netizens have commented: ‘Because this is not an average person’s daily routine, it must be really hard for them.’ ‘This must be some murderous schedule,” ‘They probably didn’t even have enough time to eat. What a pity.’

This comes after we reported about SNSD’s schedule earlier.