SM Excites Fans with Paris Pictures

2011-06-10 00:32:20 2011-06-09 17:32:20

With SM Town Paris selling out two shows in mind blowing time, it looks like France is ready for Kpop, but are the artists ready for Europe?

SM have decided to document the whole adventure on their facebook with live real time content and to get people excited they are providing pictures. There are many pictures from their artists and, well Kpop artists always smile for the camera but you can tell they are all very genuinely excited.

Check out some pictures below with captions from SM staff, and to see the rest go to the SM Town facebook

“HYOYEON & JESSICA & SEOHYUN! Ta-da~! We are enjoying Paris~! This is the Eiffel Tower~! Please support us by clicking ‘Like’ button on top of SMTOWN page~! “

“JESSICA! 얼음공주~ melts the Paris like an ice cream~!”

“KEY! with Eiffel Tower~! This photo is an art~! (this photo is from megazine ‘W’) If you like these photos, please click ‘Like’ button on top of SMTOWN page~! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]”

TVXQ! Just arrived in Paris~! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]”

Source: SM Town Facebook