Hyun Bin to Get Second Vacation since Enlistment in July

2011-06-14 22:27:29 2014-05-06 00:37:08

Next month actor Hyun Bin will receive his second vacation since enlisting in the Korean Marines last April. According to an official from the Marines today, Hyun Bin will be granted a customary five-day vacation to mark the 100th day of his service in early July. Currently serving in the northern island of Baeng Nyeong Do, the star actor has enjoyed his first military leave in late April. This time he will be given an extra vacation day for the long travel to get to his hometown.

Following the end of mega-popular SBS drama Secret Garden,” Hyun Bin’s popularity has gone through the roof. Despite leaving the entertainment scene in April to fulfill Korea’s compulsory military service, Hyun Bin’s name has still been mentioned a lot in KPOP news. There was a TV documentary show following his military training and there were rumors of releasing a photo essay of him in the Marines. Also, he was the winner of the top award at the Baeksang Arts Awards held last month. Hyun Bin will be released from the Marines on Dec. 6th, 2012 after completing the two-year mandatory service.