T-ara Changes Their Leader

2011-06-14 04:21:12 2014-05-06 00:38:42

T-ara is currently preparing for entering the Japanese market and they changed their leader from Boram to Hyomin. Tiara’s entertainment agency stated on the 14th, “While T-ara performs ‘Roly-Poly’ in Japan and Korea Hyomin will be the leader.”

The agency continued by stating, “Hyomin has been a part of T-ara the longest with Eunjung,” “currently it is a very important time for T-ara and we thought that Hyomin would lead the team well, we made this decision after discussing with T-ara.

T-ara plans to continue changing the leadership in order to instill each member with a sense of responsibility.

Recently T-ara made a big contract deal with Japan’s Toshiba EMI which was nearly 5 Million dollars. On July 1st T-ara will comeback with their new mini-album “John Travolta Wannabe.”