Big Bang Performs Without Daesung

2011-06-25 17:40:22 2014-05-08 21:48:56

Big Bang performed live for the first time since Daesung’s tragic car accident at the “Big Bang BIG Mini Concert” on June 25h. During this mini concert held to celebrate the release of LG Optimus Big smartphones, Big Bang showed up without Daesung, and instead had a back dancer fill in for his part. Following the performance, Big Bang held a Q&A session with the fans, and at the end of the show some of the members addressed the urgent situation the group is currently facing for the first time.

“It’s a tough time for Big Bang right now, but we will get through and show a brighter side,” Taeyang opened up. “Next time, we will show up on stage with all five of us,” G-Dragon added, giving hope to the dejected fans who’s been questioning the group’s future moving forward.

On June 24th, police said Daesung was found to be partly responsible for the death of motorcyclist Hyun, who was hit by the Big Bang member on May 31st after crashing himself into the streetlight. Daesung is currently charged without detention but further charges are yet to be determined. YG Entertainment said Daesung will suspend all promotional activities indefinitely, perhaps by the end of the year.