Thousands Bid Farewell to Park Yong Ha at Memorial Service

2011-06-30 14:47:04 2014-05-06 00:37:47

A memorial service commemorating the one year anniversary of actor Park Yong Ha’s tragic death was held today at a Buddhist temple just outside of Seoul. In a pouring rain, more than 1,500 Japanese fans showed up to pay tribute to the life of the late actor who reached mega stardom following his role in the 2002 KBS drama “Winter Sonata.”

For the memorial service held in traditional Buddhist style, family members, relatives, fellow celebrities and fans from all over the world got together. After the memorial service, they headed over to the Bundang Memorial Park to offer flowers to the soul of Park Yong Ha.

Actor Park Kwang Hyun, a close friend of Park Yong Ha, gave the special memorial address. He said, “It was my great pleasure to be able to share happiness and sorrows together with you. Thank you and I love you.”

Also, in an exclusive report, Seoul Newspaper released the last photo of Park Yong Ha before his death last year, which was taken just hours before he hung himself at home. The above photo was taken at a music institute Park Yong Ha had visited for a business meeting around 9PM the night before his death.  Just eight hours after this photo was taken, he was found dead at his home in downtown Seoul.

Park Yong Ha was found dead at his home in Seoul on June 30th last year. Reportedly he was suffering from depression before hanging himself. After his debut in 1994, Park Yong Ha starred in “Winter Sonata” with Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo, becoming one of the earliest Korean Wave stars in Japan.