KBS Music Bank Tweets "Music Bank in Tokyo – K-Pop Festival" Photo Album

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Where were you on the night of July 13th and 22nd? K-Pop’s finest was performing in the Tokyo Dome at Music Bank in Tokyo – K-Pop Festival” and we watched every minute of it on July 22nd! Now, that the show is over…who says the fun has to end! KBS Music Bank tweeted a mini photo album of their very own during the live broadcast of the international spectacular! Did they snap a photo of your favorite artist or band?

Check out some of the images below from the official Music Bank virtual album:

Look, It’s KARA’s Gyuri and Hara with Music Bank MC Hyun Woo.

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Baek Ji Young and 2PM’s Taec Yeon are belting it out!

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It isn’t “Fiction”! This really is our boys from BEAST

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Who loves KARA? Here is an up close and personal image of your internationally renowned ladies:

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Here is a poster promoting the music festival:

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Click here to view any additional images from the festival 

Watch all the performances from today’s very special Music Bank in Tokyo here.

Credit: @KBSMusicBank