Kim Hyun Joong Meet and Greet High-Five Session in Malaysia

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Kim Hyun Joong met with local fans on the second day of his trip in Malaysia. He held meet and greet High-Five session in Mid Valley Garden Hotel Grand Ballroom on August 21st. The event was opened to the public, but only the lucky 500 people who bought his album at the venue received the ticket for High-Five session.

110821 Meet & Greet

Though the selling began at noon, fans were gathered since the morning to buy the album. Those who could not manage to get the tickets for the session were still allowed to enter the hall, and were entertained with Kim Hyun Joong’s songs playing on repeat.

110821 Meet & Greet

The session was scheduled to start at 4PM and was hosted by MC Jeremy from RedFM. He walked around and asked the fans for questions to ask to Kim Hyun Joong. Ten minutes later, he announced that Kim Hyun Joong arrived in the hall. He was greeted by screaming fans once he stepped onstage. 

110821 Meet & Greet

Dressed in a white-gray suit, he eagerly waved and greeted his fans. He was happy and touched to see so many fans had gathered to meet him. Kim also promised to come again next year for his concert and fans are anticipating it. When asked about doing collaboration with a local singer, he answered if his schedule permitted and any opportunities came up, he would be interested in singing in Bahasa Malaysia.

110821 Meet & Greet

Later, the high-five session was held. Fans that got the tickets lined up and went up to the stage accordingly. Most of the fans did a handshake instead of the high-five, but there a few cheeky fans that managed to do both handshake and high-five with him. 

The high-five session ended in a short time. Before he left, Kim Hyun Joong said that his short journey to Malaysia would be a good memory. He also thanked his fans who were well-behaved during the event and no incident happened.

110821 Meet & Greet

I noticed that Kim Hyun Joong always looks at his fans during the event like he gives full attention to them. I also observed the same thing during his press conference held a day before. 

Thanks to Warner Music Malaysia who invited Soompi for this event. 

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Photos by Tira Rahman