"Cold City Man" Seulong Dresses Chic

2011-09-01 05:01:03 2011-08-31 22:01:03

2AM’s Seulong is chic.

On August 30, Seulong attended the “Samsonite Red” 2011 promotion for “Trick Art”. He was dressed in black from head to toe, earning him the nickname “Cold City Man”.

Seulong dressed in a chic manner, matching his black t-shirt with a black dress shirt. His outfit accentuates his manly silhouette, especially his shoulders. He unbuttoned 4 buttons so he wouldn’t appear stuffy. To make his black attire stand out, he chose a simple silver cross.



He matched his black suit pants with an eye-popping gun accessory. The shiny silver belt buckle stands out amidst the black. On his left hand he sported a silver chain bracelet, while on his right hand he shows off a silver band. His silver accessories give him a cool image.


As for his black leather shoes, they are a mixture of casual and stylish fashion. The shoelaces make them look like sneakers, while the leather gives off a more dressier appearance.

The bag that he was carrying doesn’t appear burdensome. The shoulder strap makes it look lightweight. The bag widens toward the bottom so that it can be used to hold a number of things. 

Over all, his style is simple and clean cut. Because of his tall height, the black look makes him look even more sophisticated. The way he slightly bends one leg while standing against the photo wall gives him the “Cold City Man” image. His slim figure and large bag are the main points of his outfit.