Davichi is Excited for Their Comeback

2011-09-01 01:24:11 2011-08-31 18:24:11

With their refreshing vocals, Davichi‘s recent release, “Love Delight,” is a present for patient fans that have been waiting for nearly a year and three months for their return. 

As excited as the fans are, the ladies are also anticipating their comeback performance.  

Member Haeri commented, “We were worried during the preparation period since music trends are always changing.  In an industry where the eye-catching performance styles of idols are the lead, we wondered whether we’d be able to overcome that.  On music programs, everyone’s dancing and showing their charms, and we realized that there’s only one way for us to receive love, and that’s for our vocal talent.  We can’t dance like the others, so we decided on just going back to our roots and showing an image of a singer with honesty,”

Unlike other girl groups, Davichi can’t be seen on variety programs.  They only ever perform at official events together so it’s hard for fans to get a grasp of the two girls’ personalities and even their relationship to each other. Some even went as far as to think that they were on bad terms, which is not the case.

“They don’t have a chance to see us other than when we’re singing and people assume that since we’re girls, that we’d be jealous of each other.  Maybe it’s because of the way we look, but we never fight because although our personalities are different, our tastes are like,” Haeri said.

The duo revealed that at the time of preparing for their album, they had trouble picking a title track.  “We didn’t have a lot of time so when we heard “Don’t Say Goodbye,” we knew that this was it.  It’s a Davichi-like track all around,” Minkyung revealed.

Davichi will be making their comeback on September 2 through “Music Bank.”

Check out their music video for “Dont Say Goodbye”