f(x)’s Sulli Looking Mature and Composed

2011-09-01 06:31:24 2011-08-31 23:31:24

f(x)’s Sulli showed off her pretty and mature look through me2day.

On September 1 at 1:06pm through her me2day she wrote, “Everybody isn’t my knitted sweater pretty? Hoho.” In the picture, Sulli looks a bit different, instead of going for cute. She looks more mature and composed.

Netizens have commented, “Wow,” “Wow you are getting prettier,” “Wow I think you got prettier when you lost the fat on your cheeks?” “You are so pretty.”

Also, f(x) shared a “making of” video for their Cosmopolitan photo shoot. The ladies can be seen taking on a variety of fun and cute concepts like Luna‘s bright orange hair and Amber‘s slicked back hair. As the eldest of the group, Victoria takes on a slightly more elegant style while Krystal goes for a sexy punk rock look and Sulli charms with her youthful smile. 

Check out the clip below: