Girl’s Day’s Ji Hae Movie Debut with "Sound City"

2011-09-01 05:52:51 2011-08-31 22:52:51
Girl’s Day member Ji Hae will soon be making her movie debut with “Sound City.”

“Sound City” will be directed by Kim Moon Heum, who has also directed movies such as “Perfect City”, and is a 100 minute thiller movie split into 10 episodes. For one of the 10 episodes, Jihae will be playing the lead role. Regarding her role, Ji Hae said, “It’s my first time acting in a movie so I’m nervous but I’m also glad and excited for it. I’ll do my best so that I can also be called ‘movie star Ji Hae.’” The thriller also stars fellow actors Kim Suk Hoon, Seo Young Hee, Lee Ki Young, Jo Sung Ha, An Kil Kang, and Jang Aeri. 

Filiming for the movie will begin on September 2nd while Girl’s Day will be releasing “Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander” also on the same day.