G.NA Discusses the Ban Placed On Her Song "Banana"

2011-09-01 08:37:48 2011-09-01 01:37:48

Singer G.NA has made a triumphant return after enjoying much success all year long with the achievements of her past releases. For her “Top Girl” comeback, G.NA has made some changes both music and personality wise to better fit her new concept. 

“Singing ‘Top Girl’ makes me feel excited, like I can just get up and smile if I accidentally fall on stage or think, ‘It’s okay, I look fine,’ if I’m wearing clothes that don’t match. The song makes me burst with confidence,” she began. 

She’s also gone through some musical changes. Compared to “Black & White” and “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live,” “Top Girl” is sung in a lower, more comforting tone. “I paid a lot of attention to my vocals this time around and added some electronic elements, something I’ve always wanted to try. The more you sing ‘Top Girl,’ the more points you come up with,” G.NA revealed. 

“Top Girl” debuted to a successful start on the charts, but considering the success “Black & White” achieved earlier this year, anticipation is still running high. A music show trophy is definitely lingering in the near future for the star, but these achievements did not come without any obstacles.

MBC banned her song “Banana” for the use of slang and sexually suggestive content in her lyrics, particularly for the line, “As time goes on, my body temperature continues to rise.” The ban is especially upsetting since she had personally taken part in the production of the song by writing the lyrics herself. 

Asked about the ban, she revealed, “I was sitting in the car with my mom when the song ‘Wearing Thick Lipstick‘ came on the radio. I was complaining to her that I wanted to go out and have fun but couldn’t because of my schedule and asked her what she did back in her day. She said, ‘I’d call out all my friends and we’d wear short skirts and go to the club to have fun.’ I took that story and used it in my lyrics.”

Adding on, she said, “I can’t do anything about the rap lyrics since I didn’t write them, but as for the line, ‘As time goes on, my body temperature continues to rise,’ isn’t it given that your body temperature rises when you’re dancing?” 

“Through this ordeal, I learned that people can interpret lyrics in such a way. I actually had to think it over twice in order to see their point of view,” she concluded with much frustration.