Heechul Leaves for Army

2011-09-01 05:09:59 2011-08-31 22:09:59

Heechul is going to the military. It’s sad news for many, but for Heechul himself, it may be a rediscovering of himself. In the army preparation, he will go through many hardships and troubles, but when he comes back, he will definitely be manlier and more mature than ever.

Heechul is going to be located in the base in Nohnsan, Choongchungnam-do for land army training. He buzzed his signature long hair, and smiled confidently yet sadly and longingly to the camera. In the picture, he fiddles around with his hat. Even though he’s just leaving, he’s definitely dressed fashionably for the occasion. He’s dressed in a clean-cut blazer with a printed t-shirt. His long legs stand out in the black denim skinny jeans and blue tennis shoes.

He will be trained for four weeks in the basic traning headquarters at Nohnsan, and will be moved to public service personnel for 23 months. 

Don’t be too disappointed though, Su-Ju fans! He’ll return for vacation!