Huh Gak to Release First Studio Album in September

2011-09-01 02:51:33 2011-08-31 19:51:34

Superstar K2″ winner Huh Gak will be overcoming his image as an audition program contestant and making a formal debut as a singer through the release of his first studio album, “First Story.”

Slated for release on September 16, the album is a special one that he’s spent much time worrying over.  “His debut album title track is a ballad.  Every song in the album connects to one another as one story.  He may have had his face known prior to his debut, but he’s preparing for his album with the heart of a rookie,” said officials from his company. 

Other audition singers like Jae Jae In and Lee Boram have made their debuts but unfortunately haven’t been met with considerable success. Although they received a lot of attention while on the show, the spotlight seems to have left once they’re on their own. 

Here’s to wishing much success on his debut album!  Be sure to check back for its release.