Jia: "Happy Birthday Hye Lim!"

2011-09-01 22:19:13 2011-09-01 15:19:13

Miss A Jia congratulated Wonder Girls Hye Lim‘s twentieth birthday by posting a birthday wish on her blog. On September 1, Jia wrote, “My beloved Hye Lim! We can’t meet but I will never forget those 3 years we spent together as trainees! You will forever be my little sister! I love you!!!^^” She also posted a picture they took together. In the picture, Jia and Hye Lim have their cheeks together with closed eyes, displaying their cuteness and their close friendship.

The common comments seen in response to the picture was “Aw they’re so cute!” “They really do look close.” “Happy Birthday Hye Lim!” “When Hye Lim was introduced, it was with Fei and Jia, right?” and other more various responses.