JYPE Releases 2PM’s Life with Kitty

2011-09-01 18:30:41 2011-09-01 11:30:42

One of the best reality (possibly scripted) shows of the year is here!  Its Kitty meets 2PM. Today, JYP Entertainment tweeted a special nine minute video featuring one of the agency’s top boy bands. However, this video is very different from our usual “Real 2PM” series. The entire show is shown through the eyes of one lovable cat named Warmth.

JYP: “Please check out the new [Real 2PM] A man living together with 2PM, the story of great Warmth”

After member Chansung decided to adopt the animal left at his doorstep, Hottests are taken on an imaginary journey through the feline’s video journal.

Check out “A man living together with 2PM, the great story of Warmth” video below:

Did you enjoy this YouTube special?