MBLAQ Responds to Fans’ Requests Via A Mnet Interview

2011-09-01 11:43:14 2011-09-01 04:43:14

Was it yours? “I Don’t Know”! On August 26, Mnet M Countdown uploaded the following video for a few lucky fans. These very special K-Poppers had all their idol dreams come true when MBLAQ responded to their question and practiced saying “I Love You” in French. The network tweeted the following message for all of the Twittersphere to see on August 30.

Mnet: “…..MCD STAR Q&A Event,The Star is “MBLAQ”! They said “Je t’aime” 

Member Seung Ho took center stage with the main question of the day: “How was MBLAQ”s first concert ‘Men In Black’ ?”

What did you think of their responses and performance? 

MBLAQ begins promotions for their next single “I Don’t Know” on weekly music shows this week.