Nine Muses’ Sera Makes a Tearful Confession Online

2011-09-01 14:35:45 2011-09-01 07:35:45

Nine MusesSera uploaded a tearful confession video on the group’s official YouTube channel talking about some of the hardships and obstacles she faced while studying abroad. 

“Today’s a day where I’m reminded of my days studying abroad in Canada. I want to share it with my fans. I first studied abroad in order to achieve my dreams of becoming a singer, and a lot of things happened on the way. I felt like a missing child and even cried while hugging a tree,” she began amidst much tears. 

“There’s a song that helped me during those times.” Sera then began singing Jessica Simpson‘s “Where You Are” without a backing track before continuing to say, “I didn’t know how to speak English at the time, but I connected with the title because it felt like the song was representing me. I sung it a lot.” 

Netizens were surprised with her tearful confession, as they left comments like, “She looks like she would have grown up without any troubles so it’s a bit surprising to hear,” “It’s great that she never lost sight of her dreams,” and “She’s a great singer.”

“The members of Nine Muses feel very thankful for the fans that have waited for them during their hiatus. Instead of coming up with a special event, they decided that they wanted to connect on a deeper level with their fans by uploading self made videos of their thoughts and feelings. It’s a story difficult to share, but she wanted to show her honest side to her fans. The other members will be releasing their own self made videos, so please look forward to it,” officials of Star Empire said.

Check out the video below: