Baek Chung Gang Faces Off Against Unfounded Rumors

2011-09-01 09:35:50 2011-09-01 02:35:51

Baek Chung Gang, the season one winner of MBC “Star Audition”, has denied allegations of him leaving Boohwal Entertainment and feels a certain amount of responsibility for all the confusion that has been created.

On September 1, Boohwal Entertainment posted on its homepage that, “The reports regarding Baek Chung Gang and all affiliated parties now going their separate ways are true. Baek chose the road that best suited him and therefore we wish his fans continue to stand by him for the bright days ahead and wish him luck with their continued support”. Interestingly, the homepage is currently unavailable due to heavy traffic and is down to the public.

Furthermore, Baek denied the rumor of him leaving on the same day by leaving a post on “Me2Day”, a Korean social networking site, writing “Dear fans, please do not be taken aback by what you have heard. I have never even thought once about leaving my mentor Kim Tae Won, but how someone could just write a report in this manner makes me not only frustrated but dumbfounded as well. I want to sincerely apologize to my fans and want to remind them that I will never leave their side. I am truly sorry for making them worry on an issue like this and I love them.”

Although Baek has been deeply affected by this issue, the talented singer plans to continue on with his performances in not only Korea but overseas as well, even re-organizing his schedule for his tour in China.