Won Bin and Moon Geun Young in Sporty Couple Clothing

2011-09-01 03:22:36 2011-08-31 20:22:37

Won Bin and Moon Geun Young were dressed in sporty couple clothing for a Basic House photo shoot. Basic House proposed that Won Bin and Moon Geun Young wear clothes that give an active, yet refined look. Won Bin finished up the look with a navy colored field jumper, two-on-two striped shirt, and khaki pants. Moon Geun Young wore a dark wine colored one-piece dress with a field jumper, portraying a mix match look.

The field jumper that Basic House released this fall is an original field jumper that is trendy with details that slims down lines and comforts the wearer. The adjustable straps make it easier for anyone to freely wear with ease.

Both celebrities had the same design but different color field jumpers to give finishing touches to their couple look.

Aside from the jumpers, Won Bin’s and Moon Geun Young’s difference in height and colors of plaid shirt portrayed formality but youthfulness. Also, both celebrities’ vibes added to the photo shoot. Several netizens’ comments include “the clothes look much more better because it’s Won Bin,” “the cute, little girl grew up to be such a beautiful woman,” and “they’re like models!”

Currently, the movie “The Man From Nowhere” that Won Bin starred in will open in theaters in Japan this coming September 17. As of now, Moon Geun Young is resting after successfully finishing a drama concert for “Mary Stayed Out All Night.”