Han Ye Seul Denies Dating Rumor, Considering Lawsuit

2011-09-02 04:15:28 2011-09-01 21:15:29

One popular rumor that is circling Han Ye Seul, is this: she is currently dating a rich and older boyfriend who wanted her to stop acting on Spy Myung Wol. That’s why, she left the show.

Remember this is a rumor.

On September 2, one media source stated, “Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend A is currently the majority shareholder of “Jong Pyun.” (Jong Pyun is short for the channel that has all genres from news, IPTV, cable TV, variety shows, sports etc. This is different from public broadcasting companies however.) They also stated, “The boyfriend is also one of the officers of the company.”

According to the news source the two had been dating for 8 months and that the boyfriend was with her at the airport when she left for the U.S. and also came back.

Currently, Han Ye Seul’s agency (Sidus HQ) is denying this rumor.  They have stated, “We would like to say that the press release by one news source is not true. We checked with the Han Ye Seul, and found out that the aforementioned man has nothing to do with Han Ye Seul. Currently she is not dating anyone and we are even considering a lawsuit.”