"Female 2PM" APRIL KISS Makes TV Debut

2011-09-03 20:48:42 2011-09-03 13:48:43

APRIL KISS has been receiving a good response from online netizens with their debut song “Hello Bus” from the digital single album “Wannabe” presented at Mnet’s M!Countdown on September 1.

“Hello Bus” is a song with strong characteristics combined with catchy lyrics and an addictive melody. APRIL KISS did not appear like a rookie group as they showed their live skills in order to conqueer more music fans. 

After their first stage APRIL KISS declared, “We were so scared that we do not even remember how we got off from that stage. We have been waiting for this moment for so long and we have done our best. We will keep on doing our best to show our fans a better performance in the future. Just please bare with us and show us your affection.”

The comments online said, “A great girl group is born”, “It was an excellent performance and live for a rookie group” and “It is not wrong to call them the Female 2PM“. 

APRIL KISS, whose members were formally super model, advert model and musical actor, will continue their activities for the song “Hello Bus.”


Source: The Star