Kim Sun Ah’s Promotional Pictures for Makeup Forever

2011-09-03 03:31:36 2011-09-02 20:31:37

Kim Sun Ah has lately been promoting the makeup brand Makeup Forever. Her pictures for the brand were uploaded on Makeup Forever’s official Facebook page, revealing her radiant youthful looking skin. What’s surprising is that the pictures were not airbrushed or edited!

There are no dark spots on her face, and her skin appears almost translucent. Her makeup was kept light and simple. Because she took such good care of it for a long time, her skin tone is perfect as well. It’s difficult to believe that these pictures are 100% natural with no airbrushing or photoshop.

She showed a natural look as she applied lipstick and HD foundation. It’s the kind of look that makes women want to immediately go out to the store and pick up the product. As a makeup model, she not only promoted the products, but proved that keeping things natural and simple is the best way to go.

Makeup Forever representative Park Jae Min commented, “Kim Sun Ah is a queen of natural beauty. We are using her as a model to promote the charm and beauty that flows out of natural beauties.” He also added that she promotes a “honest and confident” image.