Ruckus on the Set of Superstar K3

2011-09-03 22:57:21 2011-09-03 15:57:22

On the September 2 broadcast of Mnet’s “Superstar K3” a contestant who was eliminated created a ruckus, shocking the judges.

Yoon Jong Shin, Sung Shi Kyung, and Park Jung Hyun were the judges that day and while they were waiting in a separate room for the next contestant, they heard large bangs outside the room.

The banging was from a contestant who was previously eliminated. The male appeared drunk and was causing a ruckus outside the door by breaking a guitar and yelling, “Don’t touch me!”

Yoon Jong Shin after hearing that the man was an eliminated contestant asked, “What was his number?” At this Sung Shi Kyung responded, “Why, so that you can pass him?” Yoon Jong Shin replied, “Yes, I’m scared,” bringing laughter to the set.

Also on this day, the silver medalist of the 400m swimming medley relay race in the Guangzhou Asian Games also participated in the audition, surprising the judges.

It is interesting to see how different people react to elimination, isn’t it? Make sure to keep up with the new season of “Superstar K” to see who is Korea’s next big star!