SISTAR Explains Rumors About Being "Bullies"

2011-09-03 04:49:48 2011-09-02 21:49:49

On September 1 girl group SISTAR explained their “iljin rumors” on cable channel Mnet “Beatle’s Code.” Iljin is a term used mostly by young Koreans that closely defines that of a school bully or gangster.

“Beatles Code” MC Yoon Jong Shin commented how “SISTAR had iljin rumors” and the girl group responded calmly by saying, “We seem to fit in with those kind of people. We get along with rough styled people.” However they refuted such rumor.

SISTAR continued, emphasizing that their rumors was false, “DJ Doc and Brave Brothers all seem scary in appearance but they are very gentle like young girls in real life.”

Netizens commented on this issue, “I liked SISTAR’s strong image but their iljin rumors really upset me” “I’m happy that SISTAR pleasantly explained their iljin rumors” and “I hope that SISTAR don’t mind their rumors and continue on with their own ambience and personality.”