Gentleman Nichkhun in "We Got Married"

2011-09-04 21:23:36 2011-09-04 14:23:36

On the latest “We Got Married” (WGM) episode broadcasted on September 3, Nichkhun and Victoria’s Maldives vacation continued where the two were seen piggybacking each other on a beach.

The two were pitted against each other during a cocktail making contest, where Nichkhun won in the end. As promised, Victoria had to piggyback him where she dangerously swayed at first but managed to find her balance. As she started walking with the 2PM member on her back, she managed to say “As expected, guys are heavy”, where Nichkhun responded by saying “I have never been piggybacked by a girl before.”

Also, Nichkhun returned the favour by offering Victoria a piggyback as well to relieve the f(x) singer of her heavy task. With Victoria on his back, Nichkhun wildly ran around the shoreline and managed to please her in no time at all. While Victoria was having fun, she picked up a crab that was on the sand but after looking at it closely, quickly threw it aside saying it was disgusting and shrieking at the same time.

However, this was not what grabbed the interest of WGM watchers. While Nickhun was piggybacking Victoria, people noted that Nickhun’s hands were clenched into fists so as not to touch Victoria’s thighs. Accordingly, netizens spared no time in complementing Nickhun for being a gentleman and his considerate act is a hot topic among people as well.