Moon Chae Won’s Skincare Tips Attract Attention

2011-09-04 06:33:21 2011-09-03 23:33:21

Actress Moon Chae Won’s secret to her skin care has been gaining a lot of attention lately. Moon Chae Won spilled her secret to clean skin on SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment” on August 31.

Moon Chae Won said her first secret was pear juice. She remarked that she drank it once or twice a day, which helped her recover fast from being fatigued.

The second secret was using fingers stretch her face. She instructed, “If you press the indented area underneath the cheekbones it helps smoothen rigid skin.” She also guided that when she’s tired, she presses her thumbs above her eyes side to side, all the way to the end. Lastly, she shared that she massages the back part of her ear using two fingers.

At the end, Moon Chae Won revealed an icebox full of fresh vegetables and fruits, which she made her own “healthy juice” on the spot. She admitted that she skips meals at times because of her busy schedules. When she does, she grinds cucumber and plum in the blender and adds in two yogurts to drink.

Would you try this at home?