Rain to be Reinvestigated for Misuse of J.Tune Creative Company Funds

2011-09-04 16:45:55 2011-09-04 09:45:55

After being cleared of charge against accusations from stockholders of his clothing company (J.Tune Creative) last year, it was recently announced that a reinvestigation has been ordered on singer-actor Rain for misuse of the company’s funds.

As the biggest shareholder of J.Tune Creative, Rain is being accused of receiving an excessive modeling pay of $2.25 million USD over three years as well as money to lease cars for personal use. 

When the accusation was first brought about, Mr. Lee, an investor of the company, stated in April of 2010, “I’ve suffered a loss after investing $1.8 million USD in the newly founded clothing brand, J.Tune Creative,” and sued a total of eight stockholders of the company including Rain.

However, at the time, the Seoul High Prosecutor’s Office released a statement saying, “With regards to the issue of Rain subjectively receiving pay as an exclusive model, we concluded that the company would not have suffered a great damage just from Rain receiving a modeling fee of $2.25 million USD over three years.”

The Office added that because J.Tune Creative is a clothing production enterprise, it was difficult to approve the accusation of Rain’s investment fraud and cleared the case.

Investor Lee continued to pursue the charges.  He claimed that the investigation was lacking and filed an appeal. The authorities looked into the case once more and ordered a reinvestigation on Rain for the excessive modeling pay and possible embezzlement of company funds.