Rainbow Begins Japanese Promotions with 20 Digital Billboard Displays

2011-09-04 07:24:33 2011-09-04 00:24:33

Rainbow is just moments away from making their Japanese debut, and in preparation for the milestone in their careers, they’ve put up digital billboard displays in the streets of Shibuya!

The ladies left for Tokyo yesterday on September 3 and have officially kicked off preparations for their Japanese debut single, “A.” Shibuya and streets all around it are now being shined with elaborate electronic displays alerting Japanese fans of the girls’ impending debut. 

About 50-some fans came out to Haneda Airport to greet the girls upon their arrival and followed them around as they went out to eat and even to their hotel. 

The colorful electronic displays show the album jacket cover for “A” with various colors of the rainbow to make it eye-catching enough to attract new fans. About 20 have been put up around the streets. 

Rainbow also released the ringtone for “A” on August 31, which ranked first on ringtone site Recochoku immediately upon release. Starting September 4, the girls will be taking part in various promotional events like press and magazine interviews, TV appearances, hand shaking events, and album release events.