Sung Yuri Makes Cameo Appearance On "Dream Team Season 2" to Support Meng Sechang

2011-09-04 15:28:39 2011-09-04 08:28:40

Actress Sung Yuri, who is also a former singer, sent a support message to former child actor Meng Sechang, who is awaiting his debut as a singer in ballad group B.o.M.

On the first part of the greatest rookies episode of KBS 2TV‘s “Dream Team Season 2” aired on September 4, Sung made a cameo appearance through a phone call for Meng.

She said, “I got to know him since we were in a drama together. I saw him recently and he changed into a man,” showing her closeness to the young man.

Continuing on, she said, “Place first or else you’re dead.” The cute support message came with a hint of threat, causing laughter among the set.

Meanwhile, actors Shin Ha Gyun and Choi Sung Jun also made phone-call cameo appearances as a sign of friendship to the guests on the show.