Yoon Jong Shin Praises Teen Top Song

2011-09-04 05:02:46 2011-09-03 22:02:46

The host of “Super Star K3” and “I Am A Singer,” Yoon Jong Shin, praised through his Twitter Teen Top‘s song “No More Perfume On You“. 

On September 2, Yoon Jong Shin expressed his good impression and commented about it. He posted, “Teen Top’s ‘No more perfume on you.’ Very peculiar lyrics. Original. Good melody, too,” and he joked, “But is it ok if I wear just a little bit?”

He also showed his appreciation by posting the link for the music video. 

This is the answer from Teen Top, “Hello, this is Teen Top’s L.Jo. We are so happy to receive compliments from such a great musician like you. We will keep on doing our best.”

Yoon Jong Shin later replied to this post with, “Nice to meet you. I already met Niel” Niel himself sent another one, “Hi. I am Niel, right here near L.Jo. Thank you for remembering me. You can wear perfume, but just a few drops. We will become a better Teen Top”. 

Netizens as well have shown their interest in those Twitter exchange and they commented, “If Teen Top said ‘No more perfume on you,’ I will not wear even few drops,” and also, “It is a good example of warm relationship between senior singers and rookie ones.”


Source: Nate