Brown Eyed Girls Participate in Charity Work for Chuseok

2011-09-05 08:57:55 2011-09-05 01:57:55

Despite being busy preparing for their comeback, the Brown Eyed Girls set aside special time for an upcoming KBS Chuseok special called, “Brown Eyed Girls’ Pit-a-Pat,” where they invite six Chinese children to Korea to undergo the necessary surgery. 

The children grew up in poverty stricken households that can’t afford the treatment that they need. Shocked by the situation and wanting to lend a hand, the Brown Eyed Girls showed up with arms full of presents on the day of their surgery as well as supplies to aid the children on their recovery. 

Because the six children grew up without proper education, they couldn’t help but shed tears upon seeing the school supplies gifted for them. 

“Because so many poverty stricken Chinese children die with heart-related problems, we’ve decided to bring in six children through the help of the Brown Eyed Girls. We hope that this will warm up everyone’s Chuseok this year,” officials of KBS said.

The show will air on September 12.