Did "Apple Girl" Kim Yeo Hee Plagiarize Lily Allen?

2011-09-05 01:36:10 2011-09-04 18:36:10

“Apple Girl” Kim Yeo Hee recently made her comeback with her latest song, “Half,” but the song has been met with some unfortunate plagiarism accusations from music fans that noticed similarities with Lily Allen‘s “Fxxx You.” 

“Fxxx You” was released by English artist Lily Allen in 2009. Music fans noticed that the overall flow of the song and its arrangement matched too closely to call “Half” an original creation. The song begins with an upbeat rhythm before picking up towards the second half of the song to a faster beat. 

“The rhythm, arrangement, and overall feel of the song is extremely alike. There’s a bit of change in the melody line so I’m not sure if that counts for plagiarism, but I’d be embarrassed if the original composer heard it,” one netizen wrote. Another added, “I let my music friends listen to it and they all asked if it was Lily Allen’s song. Our country’s too lax on plagiarism issues.”

What do you think? Check out both songs below for yourself!