G.NA Is Feeling More Confident with Herself

2011-09-05 07:26:39 2011-09-05 00:26:39

G.NA had to learn Korean on the fly when she first flew in to achieve her dreams of becoming a singer. She was born and raised in Canada. Because of that reason, she had trouble expressing herself in variety shows and interviews in fear of making mistakes.

Maybe it’s because of the empowering message of her recent “Top Girl” comeback, but G.NA revealed in her latest interview that she’s feeling a lot more confident with herself both in terms of her music and who she is. 

In fluent Korean, she explained, “I’m the one that came up with the title of ‘Top Girl.'” I wrote the lyrics and even recorded it myself but our CEO said that he didn’t really like it. I felt that it was criticism I should take in so I sought the help of Wheesung. I wanted to show my improvements step by step, and I think that was reflected in the song.” 

“I’ve always been a curious girl but I feel like I’ve been trying to hide myself instead of standing proud. I’m able to mind control myself to think that I can achieve what I want if I work hard,” she said. 

“Instead of being fixed on the sexy concept, I just want to show more of who I am. Before my debut, someone told me that people can’t ever overtake someone that thoroughly enjoys what they’re doing, and I think I’m finally beginning to understand that. I want to sing confidently for ‘Top Girl,'” G.NA concluded.