SM Town Performs at the Tokyo Dome and BoA’s Anniversary Concert

2011-09-05 02:39:00 2011-09-04 19:39:00

On September 4, BoA, Kangta, DBSK‘s U-know Yunho, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, SNSD‘s Tiffany, SHINee‘s Onew, and f(x)‘s Victoria represented their groups in Japan. A whopping 15,000 fans came out to support them during this time.

Singer BoA, known as the first true Hallyu star, made a special concert. It was to mark her ten year debut anniversary in Japan. It was her first time performing at the Tokyo Dome, and it was a special place to perform for a special year.

On her career with SM Town, BoA said, “I was so happy that I was able to be with the SM Family for this honorable experience this year. All of SM Town receives so much love from Japan. I used to think that I was lonely but they were with me so it was really nice.”

She praised SNSD and Super Junior as well. She added, “My junior singers make such good music. Their music makes people feel free, and it makes their moods better. There wasn’t a performance better than today’s.”

DBSK’s U-know Yunho couldn’t agree more. DBSK thought that no one could “top their popularity in Japan,” but after seeing their junior singers’ success, they reported that they will “try harder.”

Junior singers expressed their thanks to their senior singers. SNSD’s Tiffany said, “Every time I stand up to perform, I think of my senior singers. I’m so thankful to BoA and DBSK, who have performed in Japan several times. I feel like they have set a good path for the rest of us. I feel like I’ve performed over the strong foundation that they have set for us. We will continue to work hard so we can receive lots of love from our fans.”

SHINee’s Onew was on the same page as Tiffany. “SHINee is where we are today because of the great examples our seniors have set for us. Our collaboration was so great because we all performed together.”

SM Town performed 3 times at the Tokyo Dome in front of 15,000 fans from September 2-4. It was a performance that went down in history in Asia’s music industry. SM Town, which finished up performances in Seoul, LA, Paris and Tokyo, is set to perform in New York on October 23.