“High Kick 3” Production Team: “Don’t Expect Much!”

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During a recent interview on the set of “High Kick 3,” the creators, producers, writers, and staff were all on a mission to lower the expectations of audiences for the highly anticipated sitcom. 

“The expectations are especially high this time,” one of the producers exclaimed. “When we were starting ‘Unstoppable High Kick,’ nobody really paid attention, and when we were doing ‘High Kick Through the Roof’ two years later, it wasn’t this big… I think a lot of fans were satisfied with the last ending and are giving us a lot of attention. The atmosphere is so good that we are actually very nervous about it.”

(Fans of the “High Kick Through the Roof” will remember that the unexpected and surprise ending was very controversial and divided a lot of people).

The production team of “High Kick 3” listed what they think are the most important attributes of a successful sitcom:

1) There has to be “something new.” Even if you take a familiar situation, you give it an unexpected twist;

2) The story has to make sense. People have to connect to the story;

3) You have to be realistic to the times. You have to create a setting in which the citizens of Korea will find familiar.  We can’t be like “Secret Garden.” Actually, we can’t even afford to be like “Secret Garden”;

Since the “High Kick” series have created huge stars from newcomers such as Shin Sae Kyung, Daniel Choi, and Hwang Jung Eum, the production team went through months of auditions because so many people wanted to take part in the new series. The production team stated that instead of just looking specifically at newcomers, we wanted actors and actresses who could face the competition. But they also jokingly said, “Most of the actors were picked by the female staff members’ preference, and the actresses by the male staff members.”

The third part of the “High Kick” series, called “High Kick: The Short Legs Strike Back” will start airing September 9. Its cast boasts a whole slew of stars from actors to singers, veterans to newbies: Yoon Kye Sang (from Greatest Love), Ahn Nae Sang (from Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Krystal (from f(x)), Kang Seung Yoon (from Superstar K2), and Go Young Wook (from I Am a Singer), to name a few. The show will replace the timeslot for “All My Love” on MBC.