IU and Kim Bum Soo Perform in a Guerilla Bus Concert

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IU and Kim Bum Soo prove excellent entertainment can take place anywhere–even in a bus.  The two singers are the latest artists to perform in the guerilla concerts sponsored by one of Korea’s leading car companies Hyundai.

These concerts that started taking place on July 2010 have been dubbed “Bus Concert.” Recent news have reported that that many of these concerts have been gaining a lot of interest after they were advertised on TV and through the internet.

Kim Bum Soo, who has gained a lot of popularity through the show, “I Am the Singer,” appeared on this concert. He sang sweet and mellow songs for many tired citizens who were heading home after work.

After him was IU who is lately very visible in TV advertisements. IU hosted her very own concert for the first time inside a commuter bus. Many workers who were feeling lethargic after work gained some strength after listening to her voice and cheered her on.

Following IU and Kim Bum Soo’s performances, there will be Sul Woon Do’s “Countryside Bus Concert,” UV’s “School Bus Concert,” and Lee Seung Chul’s “Early Morning Bus Concert.”

Hyundai has been posting the recorded videos of these concerts on their official “Bus Concert” campaign website. The website also features a section where regular people can submit their own bus episodes. Authors of some of the popular bus episodes receive awards. The theme song of the campaign, “Catch the Bus,” has also been released for free for the public to listen to.

A representative from Hyundai was reported to have said, “After only a month since the release of this campaign, approximately 11,400 people requested to become friends with the campaign’s main Facebook page. I hope that the popularity of this campaign continues to rise so that many people can share and resolve their hardship and conflicting emotions through this campaign.” 

A video clip of IU’s Bus Concert

A video clip of Kim Bum Soo’s Bus Concert