JYJ to Kick Start Korean Comeback with Release of "In Heaven"

2011-09-05 03:13:02 2011-09-04 20:13:02

After announcing the release of an MV teaser, C-Jes Entertainment has confirmed that the full MV for JYJ‘s “In Heaven” will be released on September 6, marking the beginning of the group’s comeback.

The teaser is set to come out tonight at midnight on the band’s official website, with the music video following the next day, as confirmed by a representative of the band. “We will pre-release the music video of “In Heaven” which is one of the songs that are included in the album, which will have new songs in Korean.” They will also reveal the full details of JYJ’s Korean comeback along with the music video release.

The video will feature member Junsu and actress Song Ji Hyo, who recently signed on to C-Jes Entertainment. According to the representative, “the two (Junsu and Ji Hyo) expressed the heart-wrenching feelings of the song well and acted out a realistic goodbye.”

Just yesterday, JYJ performed “Empty“, from the band’s international album “The Beginning”, and “Get Out“, which is a rumored track on their upcoming Korean album, at the closing ceremony of the 2011 Daegu IAAF World Championships, their first televised performance since the three parted ways with SM Entertainment.