Kang Ho Dong Fined Several Hundred Million Won for Tax Evasion

2011-09-05 16:42:28 2011-09-05 09:42:28

In shocking news, it has come to light that Kang Ho Dong has been under investigation by the National Tax Service for tax evasion and has been issued a fine that is estimated to be hundreds of millions of Korean Won (around several hundred thousand US Dollars).

Kang Ho Dong has issued a public apology through his agency and has acknowledged all accusations.

His agency has stated that “Due to the results of a tax audit carried out recently by the National Tax Services, Kang Ho Dong has been issued a fine of several hundreds of millions Korean Won (around several hundred thousand USD).”

They continued, “During the five month investigation period, through lawyers and tax accountants, and keeping to legal procedures, Kang Ho Dong has faithfully complied with the investigations and procedures set out by the National Tax Service. We have filed a counter-argument with the National Tax Service to request that they acknowledge various points such as the required expenses for Lawyers and Tax Accountants. However, a fine was issued due to the conclusion that only a small amount taxes were paid for assets declared”

The agency promised that “He will faithfully pay the amount that has been fined and he will faithfully carry out his duties as a Korean citizen.”

Despite the official apology and explanation, Netizens have expressed great disappointment and shock regarding this incident, which has been more severe by the fact that Kang Ho Dong is widely acknowledged as one of the top MCs in South Korea. They have gone to the message boards to express disappointment with various opinions being said such as, “I hoped that It wouldn’t be true but since it’s true I really have nothing to say,” “You are no longer the nation’s MC,” “For someone that used to be a publicity ambassador (for the National Tax Service) to be evading taxes,” “Either way he has broken the law.”

It remains to be seen how much of an impact this incident will have on Kang Ho Dong’s image but general opinion is that this is Kang Ho Dong’s biggest crisis since his debut in 1993.