KARA’s Unique Marketing Strategy for "Step" Catches Attention

2011-09-05 05:26:38 2011-09-04 22:26:39

For the first time in 10 months, KARA will be making their comeback with their third studio album, “Step,” due for release on September 6!

KARA has also launched the “KARA Channel” with YouTube for this promotion cycle in particular, adding anticipation for their impending comeback. Through their official YouTube channel (DSPKara), KARA will be kicking off on September 7 with a live feed of themselves at an opera gallery in Chungdam-dong. 

Through their channel, KARA will also be releasing ‘D-DAY 30’ clips of footage of their rehearsal room, the set of their music video filming, and their self-cameras taken during their stay in Korea and Japan. 

Their unique marketing style has been praised for being innovative and fun, as well as including fans along every step of the way leading to their comeback.