MBLAQ’s New Japanese Single to be Opening Theme For Anime "Beelzebub"

2011-09-05 20:32:39 2011-09-05 13:32:39

MBLAQ’s new Japanese single has been chosen to be the opening theme song for Japanese anime “Beelzebub.” Although the song has yet to be released, the song will start to air on the show from October.

This being the first time MBLAQ has been chosen to sing an opening theme for a show the members stated, “We all love Japanese anime, so it’s a great honor to be selected for the opening theme. We are very happy.”

Though MBLAQ’s official Japanese website has not announced the title and the release date of the new single, they will update their homepage soon with information about the song.

The anime Beelzebub, has been running since January of this year and follows the story of a juvenile delinquent who finds a baby while washing clothes in a river and must raise the child with the baby’s maid. It is broadcasted every Sunday in Japan at 7:00 pm on Yomiuri.

Source: Absolute MBLAQ