"Morning Wide" to Air Segment about Former SNSD Trainee Jang Ha Jin

2011-09-05 22:12:39 2011-09-05 15:12:40

On September 6th, SBS’s “Morning Wide” will run a segment on Ex-SNSD potential 10th member Jang Ha Jin, who gave up her dream as a singer to focus on her education. She currently attends one of Korea’s most prestigious universities, KAIST. After beating out 5,000 other trainees to win 1st place in the “Best Looks” category at the “SM Youth Best Competition,“ Jang Ha Jin trained under SM Entertainment for approximately three years.   

In tomorrow’s episode, Jang Ha Jin will reveal BTS stories of her trainee days, reasons for choosing education over celebrity life, and secrets to her study habits.  Jang Ha Jin revealed, “I was closest with Seo Hyun, who’s the same age as me, and YoonA unnie. Many of the people nicknamed us ‘the Three Musketeers’ because of our close friendship.”

This episode of “Morning Wide” is set to air tomorrow, September 6th  at 9:20AM KST.