Ok Joo Hyun: "I Wanted to Commit Suicide After My Yoga Business Failed"

2011-09-05 23:03:40 2011-09-05 16:03:40

Ok Joo Hyun, one of the Fin.K.L members and who participated in the show, “I Am a Singer”, appeared on the show “Healing Camp.”

On the show, Ok Joo Hyun told her story on the Yoga business that had failed. She tasted the bitterness of business failure at a young age of 25. The debt that has overwhelmed her due to the failure has got her borrowing money even from Fin.K.L members. She had suicidal thoughts, she said. “I wondered ‘wouldn’t it be better if I was dead?’ and thought that it was the end of Ok Joo Hyun. After the failure, I couldn’t interact with other people well either. I was always by myself and lived in the darkness of feeling as though I was completely cut off from the society.”

Although she did go through such hardships, she learned to not be as affected by the anti-fans she has. She added, “After such an experience, I became stronger. The typical hatred of others doesn’t affect me too much anymore.”